Saturday, January 31, 2009

Art Fire $7 a Month for Life

Join now for only $7 a month for life. This is a new site where you can sell. They advertise like crazy. They have limited this offer to the first 5,000 shop owners. Please use this link so they know we sent you. Charlie and Sarah want you to join Art Fire

Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Biggie Monogram Applique

This is my new favorite. The Biggie Monograms were a huge hit. Who couldn't resist the giant letters that covered kids bellies and men showed off their super chest with these giant monograms.

Since, we were screenprinting them, we could only print onto light color shirts. We solved the problem! We now offer the Biggie Monogram Appliques in fantastic colors. We screenprint the letters and then sew them on like a patch. They're brilliant.

Choose from:
Kelly Green Letter on Navy Shirt(Navy is only available in 2,4,6):
Kelly Green Letter on Pink Shirt
Black Letter on Asphalt Shirt
Red Letter on Asphalt Shirt
Fuschia Letter on Pink Shirt
Navy Blue Letter on a Baby Blue Shirt

Friday, January 23, 2009

Artists and Fleas- January 24 and 25

Artists and Fleas is our new favorite weekend haunt. We will be selling there January 24 and 25.

Who doesn't love hanging out in hipster heaven Williamsburg on a chilly weekend out? The food is yummy. The shopping is fantastic.

If you are a late starter on the weekends, Artists and Fleas will fit your schedule. They are open from Noon until 8PM. So sleep in, eat your brunch and try to catch the site of Charlie dancing to their DJ's funky beats.

For directions and a map, please visit:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Easy Up, Easy Down

This year has been the year of the hurricanes, rain pours, blizzards and heatwaves for the biggest craft fairs. The Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago was no exception.

We have been selling outdoors for a little over a year. In the beginning, we tried to find the perfect tent. We have been through two so far. We have seen the best most expensive tents fly away and self destruct.

This poor little tent takes the cake. It was left overnight with the entire display and stock in it. I guess it sort of imploded or something. Sorry tent. Please RIP.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trashion Show

I know what you are thinking. Is that girl making a music video commercial for Glad trash bags?

This girl is modeling a shirt from her favorite assignment from her days back in fashion school.

About this look: The sleeves are poofy. The waist is cinched and belted. This technique combined with the folds gives a slimming look. Notice the unhemmed finish along the bottom of the shirt. It's very Adam and Eve meets rock glam.

Good luck with your application to Project Runway. You've got what it takes!