Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Biggie Monogram Applique

This is my new favorite. The Biggie Monograms were a huge hit. Who couldn't resist the giant letters that covered kids bellies and men showed off their super chest with these giant monograms.

Since, we were screenprinting them, we could only print onto light color shirts. We solved the problem! We now offer the Biggie Monogram Appliques in fantastic colors. We screenprint the letters and then sew them on like a patch. They're brilliant.

Choose from:
Kelly Green Letter on Navy Shirt(Navy is only available in 2,4,6):
Kelly Green Letter on Pink Shirt
Black Letter on Asphalt Shirt
Red Letter on Asphalt Shirt
Fuschia Letter on Pink Shirt
Navy Blue Letter on a Baby Blue Shirt

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