Friday, March 20, 2009

Guess Who Painted This Picture

This video is so amazing:

If you want to buy a painting, visit:

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Anonymous said...

We took the video while in Thailand in Oct 2007. We had just paid Fair Trade wages for some purses for resale on our website from the longneck tribe - the women with the rings around their necks - and Liz wanted to visit an elephant camp. When they started setting up easels in the open space, I started recording what turned out to be this amazing video of an elephant painting the image of an elephant. You can hear my “Oh my God” comments as I am utterly amazed. Since then we have done filming with National Geographic for a program to air later this year.

Please visit the FAQ on our web site to read a lot more information about the reward based training, painting process, and our efforts to support elephant conservation as well as our efforts to provide sustainable income to artist in developing countries.