Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Custom Made Easter Bunny Boy

We are very careful about the number of plushies we bring into the house. They seem to multiply quickly. We started a tradition to buy one very sentimental bunny plushie each Easter. This year we will be welcoming Elliot into our family.

We found him at http://www.PillowMonsters.etsy.com. Well, we saw his sister and Nichol from Pillow Monsters not only made me her brother, but she let me have some input on his genetic makeup.

Then, she even told me his background:
Elliot loves peeps. He wants to be a sculptor when he grows up, and he would like for his medium to be peeps! He likes sculpting peeps because they are really squishy and you don't even need glue, and they are edible. He likes to make very interesting things and then give them to his very best friends as a present. Easter is his favorite holiday. He's not sure but he think the Easter Bunny may live in a hole in his backyard, he spotted him one time on a very sunny day and he was sure it smiled and winked at him.

Where else can you find a doll that special?


Nichol Brinkman said...

Wowee, I am so honored! Thanks so much, Elliot is off to MN and looking forward to Easter when he will meet his new friend!

Anonymous said...

that's awesome!
Elliot sure is cute!

KiWi said...

That. is fantastical

Tizzalicious said...

Aaah, he's fantastic!

Little Lovables said...

kinda looks like Conan OBrian in a bunny suit :)

doodleandhoob said...

I love him and quite possibly need one of my own! That's the kind of holiday tradition I can really get behind!