Sunday, March 2, 2008

DIY Light Box

If you land a partnership or wholesale account with an online shop, they may ask you to retake your photos using a white background.

Our time has come and we would like to introduce our newest creation:

The Light Box

Step One: Send your husband to buy foam board.
Step Two: Chat on forums until he comes back.
Step Three: Let your husband tape the corners together so the box will stand on its own.
Step Four: Clamp a light onto the foam board. You can use a gel to soften the light.
Step Five: Start snapping pictures.

Materials: Foam Board, Tape, Light with Clamp, Extension Cord, Light Bulb, Clothes Pins and a Gel.


Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

LOL! Love the instructions!

I've tried light boxes, but can't seem to get it right - I think its my camera setting - so I take them outdoors. I'll keep trying though!

Great blog you have!

Cicada Studio said...

Oh, I thought step five would be "have husband start snapping pictures"!

Little Lovables said...

haha, love the instructions!!!